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The under 40 sex capsule – immediate energy, desire and strength for sex!


TOP ROD Xtra is formulated for those under 40 year of age and it works as a fast acting sex capsule that is designed to work by increasing libido and sexual desire in a matter of minutes. Take one capsule – Experience and feel the difference.

The over 40 sex and prostate tablet – Sex supplement designed to make you more youthful within days.

TOP ROD RX is formulated for those above 40 years of age and it works as a Sex and Prostate Supplement that helps you live life to the maximum. 10 tablets will last you a month! Regain your youth and start living to the maximum.

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TOP ROD Oil is formulated for those seeking a proven way to increase penis size and enhance their erections. Real results in less time – some experience the enlargement is as little as 15 minutes. Start using TOP ROD Oil and stay harder and last longer, everyday!

Pre-Mature Ejaculation Cream for any Age!


TOP ROD Cream is formulated for those seeking a fast and immediate way to reduce and overcome pre-mature ejaculation. At the same time, TOP ROD Cream can enhance turgidity or hardness of erections. Genuine results in less time – apply TOP ROD Cream and immediately experience the effects in a matter of seconds. Start using TOP ROD Cream and stay harder and last longer.

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TOP ROD Wash is a unique wash formulated for those who are interested in maintaining the highest level of personal hygiene. The wash cleans, protects and rejuvenates intimate skin effectively. Whether you suffer from dry or problematic intimate skin or just have poor hygiene, Top Rod Wash offer a genuine solution for long term genital skin care.

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Every MAN wants to keep his libido high and enjoy sex. But many things in our daily lives can decrease the desire for sex and consequently our sex drive…

A non active lifestyle reduces your stamina and makes your muscles and circulatory system weak. At the same time, a non active person will become most prone to all type of diseases that eventually leads to erectile and sexual dysfunction problems. As time goes, the problem does not get better – thankfully,
non prescription Sexual Libido enhancers are now readily available – you no longer need to depend on pharmaceutical prescription drugs like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra.